Canon Rebel Camera Case – Finding The Perfect One – Case Solved

Have you been shopping around endlessly looking for the perfect camera case for your Canon Rebel? I’m always perplexed, as to why camera manufacturers refuse to include a camera case with their cameras. The original manufacturer knows the camera design far better than anyone. They know where the weak points are, and how best to pack their cameras for storage and shipping. It’s really a mystery. Fortunately, I do have a few suggestions to help out.

One choice to consider, is whether to have one big bag, or two. You could get away with one big case to carry the rebel, tripod, filters, memory cards, batteries and the inevitable assortment of lenses. While it’s certainly nice having everything in one place, and cheaper to have just one case, it can be heavy and difficult to travel with to. An alternative I prefer, is having one big “carry everything” case, and one small “run out the door with just the essentials” bag.

The small bag should be just big enough to hold your Rebel, a default lens, and possibly a spare battery. That’s it. It’s perfect for the short trips to the beach, the hike, or the nieces birthday party. It also removes the potentially bad decision to just chuck the camera totally naked into the bottom of your backpack with a bunch of other camera wrecking stuff.

Be sure to check the straps and hand grips that come with the case. You’ll want something substantial, with good stitching or riveting attachment points to the case proper. Having straps and grips is kind of nice as it gives you more options for moving your gear. Lugging your Canon through the airport with a few other bags, is a different experience, than just toting your Rebel to the beach for a few sunset photos. Having straps and hand holds that are detachable is an extra bonus.


is not such a bad idea as well. While you may be proud of the fact that you own one of the premier brand name cameras, it also makes it a potential target to thieves and other sticky fingered fiends. Cheap synthetic materials may not look as nice a rich Corinthian leather bag, but they can be just as tough and durable as the expensive leather ones. Again they will appear less conspicuous, which can be a very good thing.

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