Getting the Picture With Digital Cameras

My wife calls me Boris, as in Boris Johnson the new Mayor of London. Not because I’m power hungry and hell bent on illicit affairs, but because she reckons I’m a relic from a bygone age. I guess you could call me old fashioned, although I prefer the word traditionalist. It’s all because I’m not keen on modern technology and the latest chant of ‘Boris’ came over my refusal to start using the digital camera she insisted on buying me for my 60th birthday.

I liked the old system: pop your 24 or 36 exposure film into the camera, take your pictures, pop the films in to get developed, collect them a couple of days later, then look through them and put in the album. Job done. Memories collected and stored.

Since my wife got a digital camera that whole system has gone to pot. She takes dozens more pictures, downloads them on to her computer and then waits months before getting them printed or sorting them out.

I never saw the point, until the day of my party. As I said, ‘I liked’ the old system. Not any more. Oh, no. No more chants of ‘Boris’ for me.

My party was a cracking do, but I was disappointed that my brother couldn’t make it over from Australia for the big day. He phoned to wish me all the best and asked me to email him some pictures. I didn’t even know you could email pictures.

Anyway I didn’t want to ask my wife about it for fear of ridicule so I spoke to my son. On the night of the party he took some pictures of me and the family celebrating, then I popped round to his the next day to sort them out for emailing.

First of all he showed me the website where my wife bought the camera, and explained all the features and qualities of the one she got me for my birthday. I couldn’t believe how such a small and light object could be capable of doing so much and producing such a quality end product. I have to admit I felt quite sheepish about being so deliberately ignorant about the Internet, emailing, and digital cameras, etc.

Then my son showed me how simple it was to choose pictures, resize them, touch them up and then email them.

What a buzz. The quality of the pictures is amazing, and it was so easy to send them as attachments to my brother. And digital cameras are so straightforward to use. I was amazed.

I even took a couple of my son, and put the camera on timer to take one of both of us, then downloaded, resized and sent them to my wife’s email address. I t was the first email I’ve ever sent her and I left a short note saying, “I get the picture with digital cameras now, so now you’ll need to find a new nickname for me.”

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