Are the 56 Inch-3840 x 2160 Pixel LCD TVs the Most Advanced in the World?

Taiwan’s CHI MEI optoelectrics is one name you might not know despite being the 3rd largest Liquid Crystal Display television supplier in the whole world. In Cebit-Hannover in March, the company would display the first 56 inch LCD television in the world. More startling than its size, what’s more amazing is the definition known as QFHD or Quad Full High Definition with the resolution of an astonishing 3840×2160 pixels and 8.29 million pixels.

This new TV’s features are 4 times than that of the products that are currently available which are at 1920×1080 pixels. The resolution is the highest ever. This new TV consists of more than 24.8 million transistors with data transmission speed of more than 1.4 gigabytes for every second.

To achieve the breakthrough, the research and development division of CHI MEI Optoelectics overcame numerous significant technical challenges that include development of new driver methods, procedures, and solution to massive heat problems caused by alignment of many transistors. This company stresses out that technical challenges not just happen in the development of large sized LCDs, but also in the development of the 4x screen resolution increase. They said that in the future, the LCD screen size would not be a technical threshold anymore, nor will the development focus on display. Starting now, all manufacturers of LCD TVs should shift to increasing customer experience on Liquid Crystal Displays by using greater resolution of the screen and much advanced technology.

CHI MEI Optoelectronics believe that the display data load would increase exponentially because of technology development and continuous convergence of the 3 C’s which are the Consumer, Communication, and Computer electronics. Because of this, demand will increase dramatically for high speed data processing displays.

CHI MEI Optoelectrics’ brand new 56 inch LCD TV which is their flagship could be applied with numerous high-end applications. They’ll be fit for very high-end and multi-functional home systems of entertainment in which they could provide superior performance to consumers. You could connect them with high quality video and still cameras to get a luxurious home-theater viewing experience. Alternately, these 56 inch QFHD TVs could be applied in specialty uses for very high resolution graphics like medical videos or satellite pictures.

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