Are You Buying a New Digital Camera? – Know What You Are Buying

People buy digital camera for different purpose, some like to make a career from it or some like to develop a hobby from it. But most of the people who go in search for a digital camera does not know what is there for them. When they shop for a digital camera, they buy one in the first instance if they come to know it is reasonably priced and look elegant. Sometimes they forget to know much information about the camera and whether it is suitable for them or not. There are so many new models with many variants being launched in the market with better features, which becomes difficult for the nontechnical people who wants to upgrade their hobby of photography. When you buy a digital camera the first thing that you must look is its number of mega pixels, because the mega pixel determines the quality of the image. The higher mega pixel capability in a digital camera will increase the quality of the picture accordingly.

For doing any amateur type of digital photography, four to six mega pixel is fine. The image capture in four mega pixel resolution can be blown up to A3 size and the image details will not be lost. But beyond this A3 size the image will probably loose its details and rise a question on whether it is really a photographic image. If you try for more, six mega pixel equipped digital camera will be apt but the quality of lens should also be considered. Lens has the mutual relationship with the resolution of the digital camera in terms of mega pixel but for a digital camera with less than six mega pixels, the lens is less important. Many advertisement gimmick on digital cameras will try to attract you with impressive words at the same time it will hide the important factors you are looking for. Before you buy a six mega pixel digital camera, make sure that the camera has the capacity of producing six mega pixel resolution. Some times on a camera it might be printed like five mega pixel and using software you can enhance the resolution to get six mega pixels. To avoid this misconception, look for the information clearly.

The next thing that you should look for is that whether the digital camera has digital zoom or optical zoom. Both shows much difference in the quality of image that a camera can produce. Optical zoom literally allows the lens to zoom in, but digital zoom will just enlarge the image you focus. It does not change the exact resolution so that you can enlarge the image taken in a digital camera in the computer to get the zoom in and zoom out.

By enlarging the digital image in the computer you can have more control over the resolution and it helps to know how much resolution you are losing when enlarging the image using the computer software. The choice of the zoom depends on the usage of your digital camera if you happen to take a quick snap shot of friends and family circle, then zoom has less importance and it will limit your creativity of expanding the captured image. Also try to know the life of the battery and always take a backup of the images you capture and keep set of rechargeable batteries with you because any time the camera will lose the power.

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