The Best Canon Digital Camera Reviews

The digital camera that is making an impression on consumers is the Canon Power Shot A570 IS. With a price of price of about one hundred and seventy dollars, consumers will have powerful camera for capturing the moment. The image quality is the best while the manual controls allow the user to grow as they become accustom to digital photography. The optical image stabilization helps the user take clearer pictures that otherwise could be blurry because of movements of the hand when taking the pictures. The manual exposure mode as well as the automatic mode delivers a high quality image.

The Canon Power Shot SD870 IS made a name for being a compact camera with a 4x digital zoom and 3.8x optical zoom. Digital photography takes on a new angle with the Canon camera that also serves as movie camera with sound. The viewing screen is three inches, which is a good size for this small camera. The camera comes with a digital memory card that stores 32MB of JPEG images. A compact digital camera at an affordable price under three hundred dollars.

Canon came along with the new EOS 5D digital cameras that have 12.8 mega pixels, microdrive and compact flash. The camera type is a SLR. Consumers have found that this Canon digital camera is lightweight and easier to handle when using. The camera delivers a higher resolution and attention to detail. The full frame sensor is a plus for digital photography.

While there is plenty of competition in the digital camera marketplace, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with a Canon camera. Most

you read will reflect that.

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