IP Camera Versus Web Cam

First of all, what is the difference between an IP (Internet Protocol) Camera and a Web Camera? Although IP and Web Cameras have similar functionality, they are quite different.

IP cameras are closed circuit television cameras, also known as CCTV cameras. They use Internet Protocol to transmit the image data and control signals over a high speed internet connection. These cameras are primarily used for surveillance and monitoring. There are also features like wireless, 2 way audio, Power Over the Ethernet which allows for just one cord, digital zoom and motion detection.

Web cameras on the other hand are more of a social tool. They are a video capture device that is connected directly to the computer. First, unlike IP cameras, webcams can only be used and viewed by the one computer it is attached to. The cameras can be set up to be viewed from various computers with internet. Secondly, a web cam is typically used to as a communication tool between users. You can chat and see your friends in real time, set up conference calls, take pictures and videos and send them to friends and family.

Webcams tend to be on the cheaper side, costing less than $50, while Internet Protocol cameras can range from one hundred to thousands of dollars. And depending on the manufacturer and what is offered, IP cameras are a bit more complex and require technical knowledge and know-how in order to set up. Webcams usually require connecting the camera and installing the software. Most IP cameras require you to install software and complete a few more complicated steps like configuring the camera to the network, etc. Then there are companies that cut out the process for you and allow you to view your camera from a website.

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