Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 Digital Camcorder With 4x Digital Zoom – Review

Digital camera fans are clamoring at the latest induction into the world of portable digital camcorders, the Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 digital camcorder with 4x digital zoom. That’s right, the name you trust in digital recording is now throwing out the best offering since the introduction of portable camcorders. You can not only record your memories, you can replay them on your TV, VCR, DVD player or download them to your computer and upload them to your favorite website. The most convenient personal recording solution comes with a great deal of value and features, proving once again that we are living in the best times for personal recording.

First and foremost, this camera allows you to not only create memories out of your favorite events, it captures them with a built in digital camera. That’s right, you can take still photographs with a built in 3 megapixel lens and an enhancement that allows up to 6 megapixel’s of action! That’s right, you can get pristine digital photographs, with built in memory, and expandable digital memory slot. The Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 digital camcorder with 4x digital zoom, also has a built in two point four inch TFT color LCD for quick reference after shooting any particular photo you take.

Secondly, you can take this on the go and take super recordings that will playback in your hands or on your television set. The quality of the video is 640 x 480 VGA resolution at thirty frames per second! That’s right, you’re getting thirty frames per second, and a great resolution to provide you with great visual and audio quality. The camcorder can also encode your videos into the most popular encoding MPEG-4, which allows you to easily get your videos from the camcorder to the computer without frustrating you too much.

Lastly, the lasting preservation of your memories can easily be taken with out breaking the bank at all. The the Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 digital camcorder with 4x digital zoom, allows you to not only get the best videos on the fly, you get the still pictures that you are already accustomed to, at a price that isn’t going to leave you stranded in the streets with no money. That’s right, the affordable camera of the moment really does provide more bang for your buck, and people are starting to realize it more and more. So don’t sleep on the Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 digital camcorder with 4x digital zoom, or you’re going to lose out on something huge.

Don’t miss out on what could be the greatest camera of our times. The memories that you want to keep can now come to life in front of your eyes. You can now help your loved ones experience the thrills that come along with satisfactory home recordings, instead of the tired old super 8mm projector quality doldrums that used to saturate home recordings nearly a decade ago. There is something great to be said about the current trends in digital home recordings, and with the Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 digital camcorder with 4x digital zoom, the new century seems to be grand.

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